Running Control Engineering Experiments Over the Internet

Carisa Bohus, Burçin Aktan, Molly H. Shor, and Lawrence A. Crowl, "Running Control Engineering Experiments Over the Internet", Technical Report 95-60-07, Department of Computer Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, 97331-3202, August 1995

An important issue in engineering education is the availability of laboratory resources for student use. Using a computer network to link geographically distant students with laboratory teaching resources makes expensive and innovative equipment available to more students. At Oregon State University, we provide a working environment where remotely-located students can develop and run controllers on experiments in our control engineering laboratory. Remote users can watch the experiment in real time from a remote workstation, hear the sounds in the laboratory, and interact with other laboratory users. Remote power control, network reliability, and safety features are integrated into our experimental hardware and software design.

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