Subgraph Isomorphism on the BBN Butterfly Multiprocessor

John Costanzo, Lawrence A. Crowl, Laura Sanchis, and Mandayam Srinivas, "Subgraph Isomorphism on the BBN Butterfly Multiprocessor", Butterfly Project Report 14, Department of Computer Science, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, 14627-0226, October 1986

This report describes an algorithm for finding subgraph isomorphisms for a restricted class of graphs and a parallel implementation of the algorithm on the BBN Butterfly Multiprocessor. This effort was part of a larger project to assess the suitability of the Butterfly architecture for a variety of machine vision tasks. Our algorithm searches a tree in which each node represents a partial assignment of vertices in the smaller graph to vertices in the larger graph. The algorithm prunes the search tree using properties of the two graphs as constrained by the partial mapping. These properties are vertex connectivity, distance between vertices, and the local topology of vertex clusters. By carefully balancing the computational load and the contention for shared resources, our algorithm achieves almost linear speedup in the processing rate of search tree nodes. However, the speedup of isomorphism detection rate is poor when looking for few isomorphisms, and good only when looking for many isomorphisms. We present an analysis of why we believe this property is intrinsic to algorithms that parallelize the tree search without parallelizing the node computations. We also discuss the effectiveness of the Butterfly architecture and programming environment in implementing such parallel algorithms.

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